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Courses Offered

Video Jockey(VJ) Training

Course Code: M1004

Let's start with the definition of VJing.

Wikipedia on Vjing – “VJing is the creation or manipulation of imagery in real-time through technological mediation for an audience, in synchronization to music” or a better definition "Make Music for Your Eyes"!

The launch of numerous music, entertainment channels, game, travel and chitchat shows has increased the demand for skilled and proficient video jockeys and Radio jockeys. Mark1 has realised this demand and it offers a comprehensive course for VJing.

From this course, Mark1 helps you to realise the VJ in you, who can create live performances using video to create a heightened experience of music. This course is for people seeking to capture a comprehensive first glance at the art of VJing, from its history, its technical tools, to managing VJ specific projects and budgets.

The process of working with VJ specific course will help to produce content, and use it in a spontaneous and dynamic way. Learners on this course will look at techniques of VJing, as well as tips and tricks to quickly become self-sufficient at creating, experimenting and performing with visuals.

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