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Wedding Planning

Course Code: M1002

Our Wedding Planning Course is ideally suited to those who are only interested in planning weddings. Tap into both your business side and creative side as you learn how to organize and plan unique weddings that perfectly meet and even exceed your clients' wishes.

You'll start out by learning about your role as a wedding planner and the different components of the wedding planning process. Then you'll look at specialty topics in wedding planning such as cultural variations. After completing the course you'll enjoy a fulfilling career as you help your clients organize one of the most important days of their lives. You'll be pleased to know that your hard work has helped make their cherished day a huge and memorable.

Our most popular class turns your passion for planning into a career.

Here, you will,

  • Learn to plan a wedding and help create that perfect day.

  • From pre-planning to execution, learn how to see your plan through to the main event.

  • Study the fine art of client relations. Become familiar with and increase your competency with cultural diversity, especially as it relates to celebrations and events. From religious practices to seating etiquette, your diplomacy skills will be at the ready no matter what the event.

  • Build a solid foundation in the business side. Create a business and marketing plan by identifying your client base and how to reach them. This will make it easier to jump start your business when you’re ready. From basic knowledge about budgets and contracts, this course will give you real-time experience.

With our course you’ll learn the business side of wedding planner. We’ll show you how to set up your own business, control budgets and how to charge clients. With this knowledge, you’ll also be able to work for an established event planning company, a conference center or a hotel.

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